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Infrared Sauna Therapy Benefits List

Researchers have been studying the effects of saunas for decades when it comes to pain management and relaxation. Infrared saunas are relatively new compared to conventional saunas but have picked up attention recently for helping naturally treat multiple health problems with little to no side effects.

Some studies have shown benefits of infrared sauna therapy for people with:

  • cardiovascular disease

  • diabetes

  • high blood pressure

  • congestive heart failure

  • rheumatoid arthritis

  • chronic fatigue

  • poor digestion

  • depression and anger

  • chronic muscle and joint pains

One of the biggest benefits of infrared saunas is that they’re comfortable and simple to use, even for people who struggle with pain or who have sensitive skin and stomachs when it comes to heat, all with no need for medications or doctor visits.

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